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The North American continent stretches over an area of almost 9.5 million square miles and is home to the United States, Canada and Mexico.  It is truly one of the most influential and breathtaking continents with so much to see.  The continent is rich in diversity and, with various types of terrain, fun is bound to meet you no matter which direction you travel.  The best way to get around America is by car.  They have some of the best roads and highways that feel as though they are made for sensational road trips!  Why stick to enjoying your destination when the journey can be even more exciting?  There are car rental locations and companies all over the continent and there are so many different types of vehicles to choose from.  We are confident that we will be able to help you find the perfect rental car for your American adventure!

Central America and the exotic South have a unique blend of people.  There is a clear indication of the fusion of the native tribes with emigrants from Africa, Europe and India.  The colonisers brought their own culture to South America and the combination of their influence and that of the Inca civilisation of Peru, Bolivia and Chile is prevalent.  Some of the main attractions in this part of the world is the Amazon basin rainforest, the beautiful beaches and the truly unique forms of fauna and flora.  

See the Cities with your Car Hire

For those that want to experience city life, North America has no shortage of fun places to see. You could travel to New York and catch a Broadway show, or visit the world famous Time Square. For a truly unique experience, travel to San Francisco, California and ride the world’s last manually automated cable car or dine at Fisherman’s Warf. Another great city destination is Toronto, Ontario, here you can enjoy fun nightlife and numerous places to simply relax, eat and shop.

With rental car locations in numerous other cities through North America like Vancouver, Halifax, Denver, Miami, Phoenix and more, there is no end to the places you can go.

Explore the Beauty with your Rental Car

North America offers so much in natural beauty and outdoor experiences. From rolling hills to warm beaches and snow-capped mountains, your self-drive holiday will take you to places you could only have imagined in your wildest dreams. You could start in the United States, in southern California. Here you will find great beaches, mild weather and lots of family friendly activities to choose from. From San Francisco and pay a visit to Yosemite. To enjoy lush forests, you can drive your rental car to Seattle, and enjoy the many outdoor activities.

For majestic mountains and beautiful valleys, you can take a trip across Canada’s Rocky Mountains from Vancouver or Calgary, while hunters and nature enthusiasts are sure to love the wilds of Montana. If you are looking for even more fun in the sun, we have rental car locations in sunny, south Florida, where you can enjoy beautiful beaches and world renowned amusement parks. Having a North America hire car means there is no end to the places you can go.

Explore Rio de Janeiro in Brazil dominated by Sugarloaf Mountain and the Christ the Reedemer Statue (Cristo Redentor). Not to be missed are the girls (or guys) on Copacabana and Ipanema Beaches. Buenos Aires in Argentina is the home of Tango; whilst the Angel Falls in Venezuela has the world’s biggest uninterrupted drop. In Uruguay explore the capital city of Montevideo with its Portuguese influences, or nearby Colonia del Sacramento Uruguay’s oldest city and a UNESCO World Heritage Site.