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Salerno on the Amalfi Coast, Italy

Scenic Drives in Italy

Italy is just overflowing with romance and beauty waiting to be explored.  There are a number of fantastic driving routes throughout the country that are sure to leave a lasting impression, to say the least.  Whether you choose to book in at a hotel and use your rental car to venture out on shorter excursions or book a one way rental car and set out on an adventure, you are in for some of the best views in the world!  While road trips are supposed to be somewhat unplanned, it’s always advisable to get an idea of where you wish to travel and what you want to see along the way.

Italian coastal routes

Amalfi Drive is one of the top coastal drives in Italy.  It was originally built by the Romans and carves into the side of the cliffs.  This route will take you through some local villages like Positano, Ravello and Amalfi.  The route is filled with twists and hairpin turns so be prepared to take it slow.  Take a break from driving and take advantage of any lookout points you come across as well.  These are the best spots to enjoy a refreshment or light snack.

Via Aurelia is another great coastal route.  The road is very well-maintained but, since it is fairly narrow, it can become congested at times.  Of course, a bit of a traffic jam is the perfect excuse for you to take it slow and really enjoy the view.  Take this route across the Italian Riviera and make sure that you stop to visit some of the villages and towns along the way.

Other popular scenic drives in Italy

If you are a fan of BBC’s driving show, Top Gear, then you are mostly likely already familiar with the famous Stelvio Pass.  This route has been hailed by the show as being the “greatest driving road in the world”.  This route requires a fair amount of concentration with its 60 hairpin turns all the way up and down the mountain.  This route was built by the Austrian Empire somewhere between 1820 and 1825.  It also has some of the most beautiful views of the entire country.

The stunning wine road, Chianti is the perfect pick for anyone looking for an easy drive with just as much natural beauty to enjoy.  The combination of the rolling hills, beautiful trees and local villages in the distance is what makes this trip so very special and an authentic Italian experience for any traveller.  Along the way, you will come across a number of roads leading to top class vineyards and this is the reason behind the name of this route.

Regardless of where you choose to stay or travel around Italy, you are bound for adventure wherever you go!  Some planning and coordination is advised and, if you plan your holiday and road trip in advance, you will be able to take advantage of some great package deals by booking your rental car and hotel online!

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