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If you are planning a trip to the East, have you considered making your trip that much more memorable with a car rental in Asia?  Most Asian cities have a pretty good public transport system but, if you want to travel outside the city or from city to city, then having your own vehicle will really make your vacation a pleasure in every way.  In Asia, car rental is very easy to organise.  By booking your rental vehicle through our website, you can rest assured that your car will be waiting for you at the airport and it will be in excellent condition and fully licensed. 

Depending on which area in Asia you wish you visit, you will have your choice of the best international car hire companies around.  These include Avis, Auto Europe Rental Cars, Europcar, Hertz and Honk.  With so many competitive companies to choose from, you can compare all of the best rates and rental vehicles in order to find the best deal for you.  The range of vehicle rental options includes everything from compact, budget-friendly, cars that are ideal for 2 or 3 travellers, to larger, 7-seater vehicles which are great for a larger group of holidaymakers or a family.

Some useful information about car rental in Asia

In many parts of Asia your regular Drivers’ Licence will be accepted, but it is probably a good idea to carry an International Driver’s Licence in any country where you cannot speak the language!  Most Asia car rental companies have a minimum age requirement of 22 for drivers wishing to rent a car.  Many countries that you will be visiting in Asia,(or at least those that were previously colonised by Britain, such as Hong Kong, Malaysia, Singapore) drive on the Left, and this can be quite tricky to get used to if you are accustomed to driving on the right side of the road.

 When you pick up your Asia car rental, be aware that many drivers in Asia do not necessarily observe the rules of the road, and you need to drive proactively and make allowances for this!  However, provided you are prepared for the fact that driving is a little different in Asia and you factor in sufficient time to reach your planned destination, a car rental in Asia will open the door to an exploration the many wonders of this exotic continent that regular visitors will never get to see. 

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