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Estenc-Entraunes on the Route des Grandes Alpes

Top French Driving Trips

Vive la France!  If you are fortunate enough to be planning your very own French getaway, you will know just why the locals hang on to this saying as tightly as the Brits when they say God save the Queen.

With the various landscapes and natural surroundings everywhere you turn, a holiday in France is sure to be a refreshing change from home.

With so much to explore and enjoy, you may want to plan your trip in advance so that you can book your rental car and accommodation ahead of time. Package deals are a big money and time saver.

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The French Riviera and Wine Routes

A drive through the French Riviera is nothing short of spectacular. The Col De Turini drive is a hugely popular road trip passing through majestic mountains and

It’s little wonder why this very area has been used in blockbuster films including James Bond.

It’s the perfect backdrop for a thrilling high speed chase but, in your case, you will probably want to ease of the acceleration and enjoy the beautiful scenery rather than letting it pass you by in a blur.

The Mediterranean Sea lies below and, above, you will see a collection of colourfully decorated village homes in typical French style.

If you love the coastal drive in particular, stick to the route that leads to the Italian border and you will have plenty to see.

Be advised that these roads can be tricky so pay close attention to the road and other drivers.

France is known for its many wine regions and world class vineyards.  Areas like Champagne, Burgundy and Bordeaux are all internationally acclaimed.

A must-do road trip for wine lovers is the Alsace Wine Route which takes you through picturesque towns and countryside in France, visiting multiple vineyards, indulging and marveling at the history of these family owned historical vineyards.

While you may want to hold off on the wine tasting itself if you’re driving, but a drive through any wine country is a pleasure in itself.

Mountains and other inland drives in France

The mountainous journey along the Route des Grandes Alpes is a challenging and rewarding one.

This route was developed back in 1911 and extends over a distance of 460 miles through the French Alps.

You will enjoy amazing views from various heights and some points of the road reach a height of 2,300 metres!

Enjoy all the most fabulous French nature and countryside including glaciers, forests and quaint French towns.

Another popular trip is from Troyes to Dijon and finally finishing off in St Etienne.

This route will take you through the popular wine regions of Champagne and Burgundy while offering plenty of places to stop, enjoy a meal and do some sightseeing.

Top attractions include various local museums, galleries and of course the superb St Etienne Cathedral.

If you’d like to enjoy one of the many driving routes in France without having to drive your hire car back to your original pickup location, that’s where one way car rentals come in handy.

You can drive from one side of the country to the other and simply drop off your vehicle at an airport or rental car company depot.

This saves you time and money in not having to retrace your steps, book more accommodation, buy more fuel, etc.

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