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Paris at night with the Eiffel Tower
Paris at night with the Eiffel Tower

The continent of Europe is divided into four main sections, north, south, east and west.

When planning your trip to this culturally rich part of the world, despite good public transport, having a hire car in Europe will allow you to get off the beaten track and see sights by car that you simply can’t get to by train or tour bus.

Not only can you travel further but you can really make your holiday special by visiting numerous historic, educational and fun sites along the way.

Your adventures can start as soon as you land. Just pickup your rental car at the airport and drive away!

You could even take your hire car all the way to the UK via the underwater Channel Tunnel!

Now that’s a great adventure and story that you can share forever!

Car hire in Europe comes in all shapes and sizes, from compact to economy to family vehicles such as vans and large 4WDs.

And with so many auto hire companies in all the major cities and airports you can get behind the wheel and on your way as soon as you land.

By booking your rental car online in advance, you can really plan your European road trip perfectly in order to include the best attractions possible and save money even before your trip starts!

Planning your European driving trip

The only limit to your European road trip is your imagination, with 50 countries to choose from.

Every country has at least one international airport, with car rental facilities in the arrivals terminal. So grab a map and pick a starting point.

How about the eastern edge, the famous Ural mountain range?  Or perhaps start on a romantic note in Paris.

If you love ancient history, architecture and warm weather, plan your route through Greece.

If you love wine, cheese, history and good weather, why not add a road trip through Italy to your itinerary?

Or to visit Emerald Isle of Ireland you can simply take your rental car on the ferry from England’s west coast.

Before you pick up your hire car

The road rules vary from country to country in Europe – including what side of the road people drive on – so make sure you check the local conditions before entering a country.

In Germany, there are no speed limits on highways and they take obstructing the traffic very seriously!

All countries have strict alcohol limits, so make sure you use a local taxi if you intend to enjoy a bottle of wine with your escargot.

You should also note that the legal drinking age is not the same across the continent.

To hire a car in Europe, you must hold a current drivers license.

You may also need to carry an International Drivers Permit, which is written in multiple languages.

At the end of your trip you can simply return your rental car to your chose auto hire company depot either at your original pickup airport or at a different airport if you’ve arrange a one way rental car.

Then simply head into the airport and why not pick up some delicious European chocolates from Duty Free for your friends back home?

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