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If you’re traveling to Europe and would like to have the freedom to drive where you want and not have to retrace your steps to return your hire car to your original pickup location, you may want to consider a one way rental car in Europe.

This option gives you more time to spend enjoying your holiday and less time driving long distances to return your rental car. 

It is even possible to drive your on way rental across the border into neighbouring countries and arrange your drop-off at a departure airport in a completely different part of the country – just imagine all the opportunities that this opens up for a leisurely holiday.

Lake Como, Italy,one way car rental europe
Lake Como, Lombardy, Italy

What you need to know about one way car hire in Europe

There are some additional costs involved when you choose one way car rental as the auto hire company will incur costs in getting the vehicle back to it’s depot.

The one way drop-off costs will usually increase the further you plan to take your one way rental car from the original pick-up point, especially if you take the car across the border into another country. 

You may also find that there is a minimum rental period for one way car rentals, but this should not be too much of a problem if you are planning a driving holiday of a few weeks or so.

These extra costs are more than compensated for by the convenience of never having to drive all the way back to your pick-up location, and incurring all the additional accommodation, food and fuel costs.

Due to the technicalities of cross-border rentals into another country, we need you to fill out the enquiry form on our website so that we can get you the best price from one of the larger rental companies who have depots throughout Europe. 

If you plan to have a one way rental and drop it off within the country you hired the car in, you can simply book online now for the best package. 

Some Ideas for Road Trips in Europe

Whether you have just a few days (this is where one way car rentals are really useful) or a month, there are driving routes and awesome road trips to suit everyone. 

One of the most scenic European road trips could take you from Zurich in Switzerland, all along the Alps to the Italian border and the remarkable beauty of Lake Lugano and Lake Como. 

Drive on down into Italy to visit Milan, Venice or Florence; the distances are manageable and there are dozens of interesting towns and villages to visit along the way.

Driving through the beautiful landscape of France is another possibility – Pick up your one way rental on arrival at one of the Paris airports and visit the Loire Valley and beautiful Province before handing your vehicle back on the French Riviera at Nice or Marseille Airport.

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