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Geiserbrunnen, Zurich, Switzerland

Zurich Airport Car Rental

Zurich is the largest city in the landlocked country of Switzerland.  It is located in the northern part of the country, which borders with Germany, which has an influence on the language and culture of the northern Swiss region.  Arriving to Zurich Airport, car rental agents are located in the arrivals hall.  You can save yourself time and make a rental car reservation online before you travel, and simply collect your Zurich Airport hire car on arrival; and start your self-drive holiday hassle free.

What to do by rental car in Zurich?

As with so many old European cities, Zurich is filled with beautiful old buildings, cathedrals, squares and stunning architecture.  Your Zurich car rental will make it easy to make your way around the Altstadt – Old City – features cobblestone streets, small stores, chocolatiers and cheese sellers.  There are several art museums to visit, such as the Rietberg Museum, with Lindenhofplatz Park, and Kunsthaus Zurich, or for something different try the Tram-Museum Zurich.  The Zentralbibliothek, the citys’ main library, is a must for bookworms.

The pedestrian street, Bahnhofstrasse, is the citys’ best shopping area.  Be sure to park your rental car nearby so you can unload your shopping bags periodically throughout the day!  Hands-free, enjoy the local cuisine and nightlife.  Stroll the cities backstreets after dark and get lost in classic European romance.

Getting out of the city in your hire car

The Alps mountain range takes up a large portion of the country of Switzerland; and are easily accessible by car rental.  The foothills of the Swiss Alps provide beautiful walking and hiking options for adventurers of all levels.  Visit the Tourist Information Office to get the best advice on safe and suitable options, according to your desires and the weather.  Several summits have cable cars permitting anyone to enjoy the spectacular views. 

Take your rental car through Swiss countryside full of cows and visit the UNESCO World Heritage Site prehistoric settlements at Enge Alpenquai and Grosse Stadt Kleiner Hafner.  These are part of the Prehistoric Pile dwellings that surround the Alps mountain range.  Sample the cheeses of the region by taking dairy tours and meet the cows that not only make the cheese, but helped to invent milk chocolate!

Return your rental car to your Zurich airport car rental agent and walk straight to your check-in desk.  Be sure to familiarize yourself with the rules of the road before embarking on your car hire holiday in Switzerland.

Car rental search

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