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Welcome to our car rental, travel and road trip blog where we share great information, advice and resources to help make the most of your next road trip adventure!

Planning a road trip takes time and requires care and attention to ensure you stay on schedule and reach your destination on time… and have a blast along the way!

Whether you’re road tripping with friends, a partner or as a family, our blog articles will help you prepare, plan and enjoy your road trip while saving money, avoiding common mistakes and pitfalls and saving valuable time.

We’ve got plenty of tips about renting a car, insurance traps to avoid, security tips as well as websites and apps that will help you every step of the way on your journey.

Thanks for making us part of your adventure!

Richard Wolskel Travel Blogger

Richard Wolskel, Founder of Go4CarRental, Blogger and Travel Lover!

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30 Best Road Trips Worldwide

The best road trips in the world have a few things in common. Three essential ingredients to any road trip are outstanding scenic beauty, a compelling sense of place and roads which provide as much of a thrill for the driver as the landscape through which they pass. Read More
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Top 10 Road Trip Blogs (2020)

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25 Awesome Road Trip Planner Apps!

A few years ago, you’d pick up a car from your preferred rental company, wave them goodbye and head out with no more than a crinkled map and a crackling radio. With the advent of GPS, navigation has consigned the humble map to near extinction, and technology has been… Read More

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