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Lake Superior North Shore

Car Rental at Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport

The Minneapolis Saint Paul International Airport lies in the middle of the Twin Cities, about 10 miles away from both Minneapolis and St. Paul. As the busiest and largest airport in the Upper Midwest, the airport is convenient to fly into if you plan to explore the surrounding states of Wisconsin, the Dakotas, Iowa and Nebraska. It’s also possible to go farther north to the Canadian province of Ontario with one way rental cars from Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport. The range of landscapes, experiences, and culture this area has to offer is so diverse that a car rental at Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport is required to see them all while traveling in comfort.

Around the Twin Cities

Minneapolis, in particular, is ranked near the top as the best cities to live, learn or work in. As plenty of establishments cater to its more than 2 million households, expect that there is abundance of amusement parks, museums and outdoor adventures that cater to visitors with their families in tow. As the roads are laid out in an easy-to-understand grid system, a car hire at Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport comes highly recommended. With so many museums, events and festivals happening all year-round, the Twin Cities are an ideal destination anytime you arrive. All you have to do is rent a car in Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport and put together a combination of attractions that best appeals to you and your family. If you love nature and water-based sports, strap on a canoe or kayak to the car’s roof rack and stake a lake of your own in “The Land of 10,000 Lakes.”

Lake Superior North Shore

Upper Minnesota is right on the northwestern bank of the biggest of the Great Lakes, the Lake Superior. While the state shares the lake with Wisconsin and Michigan, Lake Superior’s North Shore is more accessible from the Twin Cities by car rental from Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport. Designated as an All-American Road, the North Shore Scenic Byway is filled with restaurants, art galleries, shops, historic sites, hiking trails, streams and waterfalls, and accommodation that experiencing it in its entirety can be spread over a few days. If you keep to the U.S. side of Lake Superior, you can drop off your one way rental car from Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport at Duluth, or if you drive farther up to Ontario, you can drop off the car hire at Toronto; or alternatively at Winnipeg in Manitoba.

Mt. Rushmore and The Black Hills

South Dakota is to the southwest of Minnesota and quite a drive from the Twin Cities of Minneapolis and St. Paul. There’s more to it though than Mount Rushmore, and it will be worth your driving time – well over 12 hours by car hire from Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport if you make stops along the way – if you decide to go that way. Budget a few days to experience it, along with the Badlands National Park, and the multi-layered history and fascinating geology it contains, as well as the abrupt change of scenery as you approach it from the east.  Accommodation can be found throughout the route if you keep to I-90. There’s also no need to return the car at your pick-up point. Your one way car rental from Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport can be dropped off at Salt Lake City, Utah.

Great River Road

The National Great River Road Byway follows the course of the Mississippi River stretching over 3,000 miles from the north of Minnesota to the Gulf of Mexico. This ambitious route by car rental from Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport passes through quaint river towns and 10 states, as well as the riverine ecosystems that adapt to the change in latitude. If you have the time, get a Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport car hire, embark on this grand road trip, and drop off your one way rental car from Minneapolis Saint Paul Airport at Louis Armstrong New Orleans International Airport or in the many in-city rental offices in Louisiana.

Car rental search

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