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If you are visiting Russia and would like to see more than just the main cities, a hire car in Russia is your best option to see the country in greater depth. 

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Car rental in Russia is mainly confined to the larger cities, so there is a need to plan your journey accordingly. 

Most people will enter the country at either Moscow or St Petersburg. 

It is highly recommended that you make sure that your hire car comes equipped with Satellite Navigation (and that you can set it in English!).

Things to know before you go

Hiring a car in Russia is a little different, and can be challenging.

The traffic can be terrible in the major cities and it is not unusual for the entire road to become grid-locked. 

Avoid driving during peak hours to avoid being stuck in traffic.

Outside the city things are a lot easier, but the roads are not good and do not expect to find modern motorways all over. 

Consequently, you need to add extra time when calculating your journey. 

On the upside, however, petrol generally costs less in Russia than in the rest of Europe. 

Make sure to carry some cash as many filling stations will not accept credit or debit cards.

Car Hire in Russia – Rules and Regulations

Arrange for an International Drivers Permit in your home country before you leave; as your driver’s licence needs to be in Russian.

It pays to know the road rules in Russia; never drink and drive – not even one beer – Russia has a zero tolerance to drink driving and you will be in deep trouble if you are caught with alcohol in your blood.  

Seatbelts must be worn by all car passengers, front and back.

Speed limits are 110km per hour on motorways, 90km per hour outside of town, and 60km per hour in town.

Make sure that your rental car comes with the necessary insurance and paperwork – it is quite possible that you will be stopped at a roadblock and asked to supply these. 

Both Moscow and St Petersburg have many really interesting day-trips out of the city. 

Provided that you are visiting in summer (winter driving can be very hazardous especially if you are a novice at driving on snow and ice) you’ll have the freedom to explore this remarkable country at your own pace.

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