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The beautiful island of Sicitly screams ‘road trip’! With stunning mountain and ocean scenery in every direction, grab a hire car at Palermo Airport to give yourself the freedom to explore this historic island at your own pace.

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It is said that visiting Palermo in the Sicily region of Italy is best done on your own, exploring the hidden treasures of the city while enjoying how it is to live like a true Palermitan during your vacation.

Palermo is in part a busy, at times chaotic city, but its magnificent splendor and raw beauty is a sight to behold that shouldn’t be missed!

Sights to see in Palermo, Italy

Palermo is a treasure trove of sights that by the time you’ll be bidding farewell to the city, you still won’t be able to explore every hidden treasure within it.

Before you embark on your adventure, think about what you want to see first.

Are you interested in the age-old churches, museums and squares, the boisterous and fun outdoor markets, the opulent architectural influences of various styles?

Do you want to participate in the colourful festivals, or do you want to take a peek at the active Volcano, Mt. Etna, on the opposite side of Sicily near Catania?

Explore magnificent, one-of-a-kind churches that are influenced by several designs from Baroque, Muslim, Renaissance, to Gothic.

Your must-see list of churches should include the Cathedral of Palermo, San Cataldo, St. Francis Assisi, Santa Maria della Catena, and the Palatine Chapel.

The Palermitans are known to be a lively people, and you can best see how they relax, unwind, and have fun in the piazzas around the city whether you’re going there at daytime or nighttime.

From cafés, boutiques, peddlers and vendors, art galleries, to throngs of people, there is an assortment of things to be enjoyed in the piazzas.

A word of caution, though, do not let your guard down for pickpockets may also be joining the merriment.

The Catacombe dei Cappuccini boarders on eerie and scary with its more than 8,000 vast collection of well-dressed catacombs dating as far back as 500 years, but every year, a throng of tourists always visit this place.

Missing the catacomb during your vacation may mean that you’ve just missed an experience of a lifetime.

If you’re looking for historical immersion while you’re in Palermo, you need to visit palaces like Zisa and Palazzo dei Normani and museums such as International Marionettes Museum, Tesoro Museum, and the Regional Archaeological Museum.

Palermo’s history spans several cultural influences, and there’s a wealth of information dating back to the Pre-Historic ages to explore in these museums and palaces.

Other highlights during a visit to Palermo

Palermo is not only known for its beautiful scenery and rich culture, which span centuries, but for one to really experience the Palermitan life, you need to be in the outdoor markets where you can witness the spectacle of vendors and peddlers alike selling their wares.

From local fresh produce, handicrafts, souveneirs, and other whatnots, outdoor markets such as Borgo Vecchio, Ballaro, La Vucciria, and Mercato di Capo are must-sees.

On Sundays, locals troop to Monte Pellegrino, a natural park that surrounds Mount Etna.

Since most locals go here, it’s best that you start your drive earlier so you won’t get caught in the traffic and enjoy the postcard perfect scenery along the way.

Monte Pellegrino is eye candy for nature lovers who just want to bask in the lush, verdant greenery in the park.

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