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Atlantic Road

Storseisundet Bridge on the Atlantic Road, Norway

Atlantic Road, Norway

Kristiansund to Molde Scenic Drive

The Atlantic Road in Norway is a relatively short drive that you can certainly take your time to enjoy.  The route is just 8km in length and offers some of the most beautiful views of the Atlantic Ocean, crossing 8 bridges between Vevang on the mainland, and Utheim on the island of Averøy. 

The road takes you from the town of Kristiansund to Molde, or vice versa, with plenty to see along the way. 

When you pick up your rental car in Norway, this is one drive that you should definitely add to your list of things to do.

Top sights on the Atlantic Road

There are four points along this route where you can stop and take in the spectacular panoramic view.

This is particularly great for the driver since they will need to focus on driving rather than looking around when behind the wheel.

The route also includes seven bridges that take you from island to island.  The tallest of which is the Storseisundet Bridge and it has an interesting curve as well.

Along the drive, you will come across a number of interesting sights and things to do for even more adventure.

The Kvernes Stave Church dates back to 1300 AD and, when you stop here, you will also be able to enjoy views of the Kvernesfjord and the Freifjord.  Another great sight is the Bremsnes Cave.

It is located on the southern side of the Bremsneshatten Mountain and many important finds relating to the Fosna culture have been made here.  11 buildings collectively make up the Kvernes Rural Museum.

The buildings are each from different periods and allow you to really experience the local history and culture.

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Top things to do on your road trip

Fishing is a very popular activity in the areas along this route.  You can choose to go out on a boat or simply venture out along the rocky shore, take a seat and cast your line.

Even if you don’t manage to catch anything, the view of the ocean and the fresh sea air is worth it all the same. In the Hustadvika Bay, you will see the island of Håholmen.

This island was once a lively fishing community and today it has become a popular tourist attraction.

You can visit this island to learn more about the local Viking history as well as the lives of the fishermen who called this place home in the 1700s.

Be sure to pack your picnic basket when you set out on this drive.  There really is nothing better than taking in the fresh sea air while enjoying a packed lunch.

No matter how many times you travel along this route, it is always interesting and entertaining. 

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