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Imagine endless stretches of beaches, quaint fishing villages and a colourful history, and you have Trapani on the west coast of Sicily, Italy.

This city capital of Trapani shaped like a scythe extends beyond the sea.

The beautiful beaches are a constant invitation to tourists who want to relax and enjoy the sea in a charming little town.

However, there is much to be had when you visit this seaside place.

Marvelous Sights in Trapani

Most of the buildings in and around Trapani are rendered in Baroque style.

The style manifests itself in famous monuments, churches, and buildings.

Chiesa del Purgatorio is a must-see in Trapani for the Miseri, which are full-sized images of the Passion of the Christ.

These statues are very important to the locals since it plays a huge role during the Holy Week celebration in Trapani.

The Sanctuary of the Annunciation is another church that you shouldn’t pass up.

An architectural masterpiece, the church combines Gothic with Baroque style.

If you want to witness the history of Trapani throughout the ages, Museo Nazionale Pepoli is the place to head to.

Thanks to the dedication of Conte Pepoli, Trapani’s indigenous crafts and arts were saved and are now on display in this monastery turned museum.

To go to Santuario dell’Annunziata, 4 kilometres from the town’s centre, this church houses the patron saint of Trapani, Madonna di Trapani.

It is said that this saint also protects seafarers when they voyage into the rough seas to earn a living, fishing and canning being the main sources of income in the province.

Tourists troop to the beach surrounding Trapani, of which Marausa is among the most popular.

Marausa is located about 9 km south from the city of Trapani when all you want to do is relax and unwind on the beachfront.

A visit to Trapani means a visit to the three mystical islands in the Trapani province, Egadi Islands.

Trapani is the main gateway to these islands, where nature is at its best and where you can laze around in the sun, uninterrupted by the hustle and bustle of a noisy city.

The beaches in the islands are at its finest so take a day from your schedule to devote to Egadi Islands.

Being just 100km from Sicily’s capital city, Palermo, you can explore all the sights in and around Trapani easily and return back to the Airport to drop off your car when it’s time to leave.

What to do in Trapani, Italy

The churches are a testament that Trapani is indeed pious worshipers, but the religious culture of the city clearly manifests during the Lenten season.

The Holy Week and Easter celebration, especially Good Friday, is a special time in Trapani for this is when tradition and rites that have been practiced throughout history is celebrated.

The 20 effigies that show the Passion of the Christ is paraded all throughout the city streets.

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