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Trollstigen Road

Trollstigen Road, Norway

Trollstigen Road, Norway

Lake Langvatnet on Strynefjell to Romsdal

The Trollstigen Road is 106km in length and stretches all the way from Lake Langvatnet on Strynefjell to the Sogge Bridge in Romsdal.

The road has a steep incline of 9 degrees and there are 11 hairpin turns.

This mountain drive does require focus and concentration so, as the driver, you should reserve your sightseeing for the stops and viewpoints along the way.

While the drive shouldn’t take more than a couple of hours, road trips are always a lot more fun when you take your time.

Book your rental car for a few days at least and, while you’re at it, book your accommodation at the same time.

Top sights on the Trollstigen Mountain Road

The first stretch of the Trollstigen mountain road, Ørnevegen, will take you past sights like the the Geirangerfjord, “De syv søstrene” (the Seven Sisters) waterfall and the alpine farm Knivsflå.

Dalsnibba and Flydalsjuvet are two more fabulous viewpoints that offer superior views of your natural surroundings.

You can also stop of at the Norwegian Fjord Centre for a chance to learn more about the local history and culture.

Gudbrandsjuvet is an amazing sight. The 20 metre deep gorge its fantastic whirlpool system attracts many curious visitors on a regular basis.

The Romsdalen Valley, the Rauma River and the Romsdal Alps are also top sights along this route.

Trollveggen is the tallest, vertical overhanging rock face in Europe and, on the other side of the valley, you will see the Romsdalshorn Towers.

Trollstigen activities

There are a number of ferry rides that can take you even closer to attractions like the Brudesløret (the Bridal Veil) and De syv søstrene (the Seven Sisters).

Depending on how much time you have at your disposal and your personal preference, you can choose between shorter ferry rides between Geiranger and Hellesylt or longer routes between Geiranger and Valldal.

Hiking is very popular in the area and, if you want to get a look at some of the best natural views, you should make your way to Westerås Farm.

From here, you can walk to the Storseterfossen Waterfall and even enjoy a walk behind the falls.

The old Kløvstien Track is another popular hiking trail while the Geirangerfjord is great for kayaking.

Other top activities include rafting but, if you want something a little bit more relaxing, there are fishing spots along the way where you can take in the views and enjoy your peaceful surroundings.

Another intense Norweigen road trip to consider is the Lysevegen Road route which has 27 hairpins to navigate as you ascend the mountain with spectacular views and sights to visit along the way.

By planning your trip thoroughly, you will be able to reserve your rental car and holiday accommodation according to your schedule and the sights you want to see.  

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