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 Yosemite National Park, USA

Car Rental USA One Way

Are you planning to visit the USA?  It is quite easy to get around the cities using public transport, but if you really want to see the States beyond the city limits you need a rental car.   These days the world is your oyster with a one way car rental USA, which offers you the opportunity of picking up your USA one way car rental at your arrival airport and dropping it off when you leave the country.  The advantages of a one way car rental in the USA are obvious – you get more time to explore this fantastic country and spend less time on long journeys back to where you started, and you even have the freedom to undertake the Great American Road Trip if you fancy….drive clear across America from North to South or from the East Coast to the West coast in your one way car hire USA!  Can you cross the State Borders?  No problem with a one way rental in the USA;  just check online on our site to see which pick-up depots allow you to drop off you vehicle in another State and compare rates on a rent a car USA one way and book your adventure today.

What you need to know about one way USA car rentals

There are some additional costs involved when you book a USA car rental one way; there will usually be a one-way drop-off fee, and this will rise proportionally according to how far you take your car rental USA one way  from the pick-up depot – the further away you go, the more you will have to pay.  In some instances, rental companies insist on longer minimum rental periods than usual to compensate for their costs in getting the car returned to them at the end of your one way car rental.   In most cases the additional cost is more than compensated for by the convenience of a one way rental, and the opportunities it opens up for discovering some of America’s great natural wonders.

Some ideas for USA one way car hire holidays

Some of America’s best attractions are situated well off the beaten track and take time to get to and really appreciate, which is where your one way USA car rental really comes in handy.

One really epic road trip would start somewhere in the centre of the country, say Phoenix, Arizona and end on the West Coast in Los Angeles or San Francisco.  Along the way you would visit some of America’s prime attractions such as the Grand Canyon, Las Vegas, Yosemite National Park and the Sonoma wine region.   The coastal drive from San Francisco to Los Angeles is an epic trip on its’ own, and acknowledged to be one of the most scenic coastal drives in all of America.  If you want to explore the East coast, why not pick up your USA car hire one way rental in Atlanta, visit some historic sites on your way to Orlando and then finish off in Miami.  Whichever route you choose, car rentals in USA one way makes it easy and convenient to discover this diverse country.

Car rental search

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