Millennium Park, Chicago

Car Rental at Chicago O’Hare Airport

Primarily serving Chicago, O'Hare International Airport is one of the top 10 busiest gateways to the United States, and remains one of the world's high-traffic airports in terms of passenger volume and aircraft movements. As a result, there’s a plethora of car rentals in Chicago O’Hare Airport that makes it easy to plan day trips not only around Illinois but also to major cities in Wisconsin, Indiana and Michigan.

Magnificent Mile

Going downtown by car rental from Chicago O’Hare Airport can be a straightforward affair: Michigan Avenue is Chicago's major corridor that runs north to south. A car rental at Chicago O’Hare Airport will easily put you within driving distance of the "Mag Mile," that stretch of Michigan Avenue that features the best of both worlds - the luxury shopping hub of Chicago in the Near North Side and ‘The Loop,’ just a few blocks away from Michigan Avenue. The latter is where the highest concentration of historic Chicago landmarks and a variety of public art installations in the Millennium Park can be found.

Lake Shore Drive

Less than 40 minutes south by rental cars from Chicago O’Hare Airport is Lake Shore Drive which faces Chicago's Gold Coast, the southwest bank of Lake Michigan that has been historically associated as the residential area for the city's upper crust. Consequently, this is the area where the most expensive name brands have set up shop, together with the city's plushest restaurants that have become celebrity hangouts. As Lake Shore Drive is part of US Route 41, you can go up and down the freeway in your car rental in Chicago O’Hare Airport should you wish to go to Milwaukee two hours to the north, or Indianapolis three hours to the south.

Illinois Wine Country

Driving your Chicago O’Hare Airport car hire to Illinois’ wine country is a multi-sensory experience. Apart from leafy lanes that pave the route, there are plenty of vineyards to linger at along the way. Illinois wines go back as early as 1851 when the first grapes were planted in Nauvoo, a small community in the western border of the state. From the surviving vineyards of the Icarian commune, a French Utopian society, grew what became the oldest family winery in Illinois. Today, the bulk of wine-growing has shifted to Shawnee Hills, about six hours to the south by car hire from Chicago O’Hare Airport.

Route 66

The Mother Road starts in Chicago and runs through half a dozen states before ending in Santa Monica, Los Angeles, California. With an abundance of rental cars in Chicago O’Hare Airport, it is the ultimate road trip you can embark on. The legendary Route 66 will bring you to the states of Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Texas, New Mexico and Arizona, covering a total of 2,448 miles that cut through the Great Plains of the Midwest and the canyonlands of the Southwest. Its resurgence as a popular route once more for car hires from Chicago O’Hare Airport means there are plenty of accommodations along popular stops so you can plan this trip over a space of several days.