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Storefront Church, Ohio, car rental Dayton Airport
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James M. Cox Dayton International Airport, situated north of the metro area, brings passengers from nearby Midwest cities as well as from the Atlantic seaboard.

Most visitors opt to rent a car in Dayton Airport as it’s not well-connected to the city by public transport.

Dayton Airport nonetheless has a reputation for accessibility by more than half the population of the United States: about 55% of them can get to Dayton’s airport in 90 minutes or shorter.

This reputation is quite fitting for the birthplace of aviation, as it was here that Orville and Wilbur Wright were born and perfected their design for the first practical aircraft.

This legacy lives on in Dayton’s efforts to make the city a hub for aerospace innovation.

But not everything is skyward-looking in Dayton: The Fort Ancient archaeological dig, less than an hour’s drive by car is an important site of the Hopewell peoples whose history reaches as far back as 200 BC.

Civil War Discovery Trail

Ohio is right on the Civil War Discovery Trail, with the largest concentration of historic sites, battlefields, forts and personages related to the war located in states to its south and east.

But right within an hour’s drive is the restored house of Harriet Beecher Stowe on Gilbert Avenue in Cincinnati after her family moved from Connecticut.

It was during her stay here that she learned of the evils of slavery, later expressed in the watershed book ‘Uncle Tom’s Cabin.’

From Cincinnati, it’s quite fitting to pay homage to the Great Emancipator whose birthplace is just four hours south.

The Abraham Lincoln Birthplace National Historical Park houses the reconstructed log cabin where the revered president lived until age seven.

Round up your tour with a visit to where Lincoln gave the Gettysburg Address, located three hours north of Fredericksburg, VA, where Founding Father and first U.S. President George Washington was born.

The closest drop off location for one way rental cars from Dayton Airport is at Baltimore-Washington International Airport about an hour and a half south.

Rust Belt and Lake Michigan Circle Tour

Dayton’s location makes it an excellent launching pad to see how the Rust Belt – a once highly industrialized region that succumbed to free trade and the resulting recession – is reinventing itself to attract not just visitors but seekers of greener pasture.

With your hire car you can do a clockwise tour of the Rust Belt via Cincinnati and then up north to the western shore of Lake Michigan via Gary, IN.

Chicago, Illinois, and Wisconsin, Milwaukee, are right along this route, so there are plenty of drop off locations for a one way car hire should you decide not to drive the loop around Lake Michigan.

Niagara Falls via the Seaway Trail

Tour the eastern arm of the Rust Belt via Columbus and Cleveland, once manufacturing giants of the Midwest.

Once at Cleveland, the Great Lakes Seaway Trail is just an hour to the east where the Ohio-Pennsylvania state line starts.

Keep to Pennsylvania Route 5 as you skirt the south shore of Lake Erie at Presque Isle.

As you enter New York, the trail passes through some of the most defining landscapes in northeast United States.

Take time to enjoy a misty encounter of the Niagara Falls as they thunderously make their onward journey through Lake Ontario and St. Lawrence River.

The Seaway Trail follows this path until the Seaway International Bridge where you can cross the Canadian border and fly out of Ottawa International Airport.

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