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Piazza Bra (main square) in Verona, Italy

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Verona, in Veneto, Northern Italy has been on the map for tourists, thanks in part due to William Shakespeare’s Romeo and Juliet.

Who could resist in visiting the place where the tragic love story between Romeo and Juliet was set in?

Two star-crossed lovers from a feuding family draw’s a big crowd, but there’s more to Verona than just the Juliet House.

Things to do in Verona, Italy

Having been proclaimed as a UNESCO World Heritage Site, Verona has a lot in store for you.

Arts, history, cuisine, and shopping, all mixed in one enchanting city that really dazzles its visitors. First up on the list is the Roman Arena.

During the settlement of the Romans in Verona, it has left behind its legacy and one of the city’s main historic attractions, the Roman Arena.

A functioning amphitheatre even to this day, the Roman Arena can house up to 30,000 people, and at opera season, performances are held in here.

A religious tour in the city of Verona would also be a good idea, since the city is dotted with religious edifices.

A visit to Basilica di Sant’Anastasia will not only be a spiritual journey, but also of an educational one with the Gothic influence of the church and a myriad of local art collection within its walls.

Again, the Romans’ settlement has manifested its architectural influence in churches such as that in Duomo and the Basilica di San Zeno Maggiore.

Other notable churches that one should visit while in Verona are the two-in-one Chiesa di San Fermo, the Romanesque influenced Chiesa di San Lorenzo with Renaissance and Gothic additions, and the historic religious structure Jewish Ghetto.

For the romantics, a visit to Verona won’t be complete without the notable Casa di Giulietta with its jutting balcony, overlooking into a small courtyard with a statue of Juliet.

Here, visitors place love notes, heart-shaped chewing gums, and other whatnots for Juliet, and they also take souvenir photos.

Nature lovers would greatly appreciate the stunning Giardino Giusti for it is considered as a work of art in Renaissance landscaping.

To get a bird’s eye view of Verona, the Torre dei Lamberti does the trick. It’s an 84-m tower built way back in the 12th Century.

While there are tons of museums, churches and places to go to in Verona, a complete experience should also include sampling the delectable dishes of the Veronese.

Aside from the regular staple of pizza and gelato, pasta dishes like casoncelli and bigoti are a surefire hit.

Veronese are also fond of horse meat with menus like Picula de Caval and Pastisada de caval topping the list of must-eats.

Verona is also a haven for shopaholics thanks to Via Mazzini. Considered the shopping golden mile, feast your eyes on the best Italian labels displaying their collection.

There are also Corso Porta Borsari where the streets are lined with old fashion shops selling stationery and pens and Corso Santa Anastasia where you can find the best antique pieces this side of Italy.

With your rental car, it’s easy enough to get to Cantina del Castello or Pagus Valpolicella, two of Verona’s wine country.

And with the fashion capital of Milan not far away, a day trip from Verona to Milan by car is a must for a trip to the north of Italy.

Aside from the perennial wine tasting, you can also explore underground cellars, visit rural sites, and dine in quaint restaurants.

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