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Cagliari, Italy in Sardinia is considered one of the greenest cities in all of Italy. With its verdant, green parks and gardens, you just can’t help but feel so laid back in this great city. Aside from these parks and gardens, the beaches of Cagliari are the foremost attractions, with a multitude of visitors coming each year to bask in the golden heat of the sun and feel the warm tickle of sand on their feet while enjoying the view. Like most Italian cities gifted with abundant treasures of arts, history, and cultural influences, Cagliari boasts of majestic churches, history-filled museums, and archeological finds. While majority of the must-sees in the city can be reached by foot, a car hire in Cagliari Airport is a practical decision. This means that you can cover much ground during your stay in Cagliari, making the whole experience stress-free and well worth your money and time.

Where to go in Cagliari, Italy

How would you like to get started on your vacation in Cagliari? Are you rearing to go to the beach and try every sea sports possible? Or are you more interested in nature tripping? Or perhaps, you want to completely immerse yourself in an art and history revival? In Cagliari, whether you’re looking for sea adventure, nature tripping, or cultural immersion, there is always something for you to do.

For starters, you can go to the Molentargius-Saline Regional National Park, and be amazed at one of Europe’s important nature haven. The park houses so many species of birds, which take refuge for several months in a year, at times exceeding 300. If you’re lucky, you might catch a glimpse of these feathered creatures when you visit. The Sette Fratelli-Monte Generis Regional Park is also a hit among tourists who want to snap some pictures of the elusive Sardinian deer. There is also the 25-hectare Monte Urpinu Park, which features several species of trees and plants.

Art aficionados will realize that Cagliari is also home to superb artistic and historical collections. The Torre dell’Elefante and the Torre di San Pancrazio are perfect renditions of the Pisan architecture that still remain standing since it was built in the 14th century. Explore the Museo Archeologico Nazionale, where archeological finds dating back to ancient history as far the Neolithic period are housed. Marvel at the engineering genius of the Il Castello’s domes, towers, and fine architecture. Appreciate art collections at its finest in the Pinacoteca Nazionale where you can find an assortment of 15th to 17th century from artists like Catalan. While you’re exploring museums, hop in your car rental and drive to the Ethnographic Museum, where archeological Sardinian finds dating back as far as the 13th century are displayed.

One thing you shouldn’t miss out on while you’re in Cagliari is visiting the longest beach stretch, Poette Beach. The 6-km stretch of the inviting beach is perfect for a day of swimming or water sports. Whether you’re into surfing, sailing, kitesurfing, or any other water sport you can think of, you can do it here in Poette Beach.

What to do in Cagliari, Italy

While in Cagliari, you should not only limit yourself within the city. If you rent a car in the airport, you’ll be able to visit the neighboring towns of Cagliari. For example, aside from Poette Beach, there are also other beach resorts along the coastline of Sardinia that offers accommodation. Since a certain portion of the coastline is declared a protected marine sanctuary, you can scuba dive and witness underwater creatures in their natural habitat.

Going back to the city at night, locals flock to Piazza Yenne, the city’s main plaza where people meet to enjoy coffee, gelato, or drinks. For some, a trip to Cagliari is not complete without joining the long line at Isola del Gelato for their famous frozen treats, from yogurts to gelato to semifreddo. For the best pizzas at Cagliari, head on over to Il Fantasma or Caffe degli Spiriti where the pizzas are scrumptiously cooked in a wood-fired oven. As a city by the sea, Cagliari showcases creative cuisines featuring seafood such as roast octopus with lemongrass, burrida, and pennette con tonno fresco e gamberi  to name a few.

Before you return your rented car in the airport and bid farewell to the mystical city that is Cagliari, be sure to stop by Durke, a small family run bakery and bring home the sweetest treats for your family and friends. Think desserts made of almonds, sugar, and egg, and that’s Durke!

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