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Brandenburg Gate, Berlin

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As a witness to so many events that unfolded in the course of modern European history, Berlin has so much to offer that a day or two will barely scratch the surface.

With a hire car you can experience the grit of this edgy capital city and discover interesting sights within hours of Berlin.

Around Berlin by car

Among European capitals, Berlin bears the burden of history.

Start your trip back in recent time at the Brandenburg Gate, where tens of thousands of East and West Germans gathered on November 9, 1989 after the fall of the Berlin Wall – a symbolic reference to the triumph of democracy over communism.

For more history, drive across to the Reichstag Building, the seat of the reunified Germany and home to the Bundestag, or the German parliament.

Much as it is historical as it is centenarian, the Reichstag Building offers a panoramic view of the capital city when you stand from the glass dome.

Drive the Unter den Linden Boulevard

A drive along the Unter den Linden Boulevard will put you in short driving distances between other city landmarks.

The German Historical Museum, the Berlin Cathedral and the Berlin State Opera are all within earshot.

Driving along the boulevard also gets you in close proximity to the Pergamon Museum, standing on the Museum Island, a treasure trove of Greek, Roman, Babylonian and Middle Eastern sculptures and architectures spirited to Berlin by archaeologists who unearthed these ancient treasures in the early 20th century.

The Alexanderplatz, the physical and political center of East Berlin, was the seat of the socialist German Democratic Republic.

For this reason, the Platz’s design, and the architecture of the buildings surrounding it, has been preserved in the context of its history.

In an obvious contrast to the stark architecture of socialist Germany stand two buildings that are more than 700 years old: the Church of St. Nicholas built in 1230, and St. May’s Church, constructed in 1294.

Retail Therapy and Palace detours by car

For retail therapy, you can drive over to the ruins of the Kaiser Wilhelm Memorial Church to Ku’damm.

This stretch of Berlin is associated with the royals and grew to become the most expensive real estate in the city where the rich have built homes and exclusive enclaves.

As a result, luxurious name brands have opened flagship stores along this avenue.

The Charlottenburg Palace and Park is a sumptuous architecture worthy of a detour. Formerly the seat of Prussian royals, this 17th century palace is now open to the public.

Knowing you will not have worry about transport and time wasted in between stops; you can enjoy your holiday and focus on what truly matters.

When it’s time to go, there is no train or bus schedule to catch, or a waiting taxicab with a ticking meter.

If you’re planning a road trip through Germany, your next destination might be Hamburg off to the North-West.

You could also consider a one way rental car if you don’t wish to return to Berlin.

Alternatively, when it’s time to head home simply drive back to Tegel Airport and drop off your car at the rental car company depot and head inside to check in!

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