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Car Rental from Bergamo Airport, near Milan Italy

Like many towns in northern Italy, Bergamo near Milan was settled by the Celts.  Today, that old city founded by the Cenomani Celtic Tribe, named “Bergomum”, is gone and replaced by modern-day Bergamo.  Go online to reserve your car rental at Bergamo Airport, Milan before you travel to ensure you get the best deal, and then pick up the keys from your car hire in Bergamo Airport office on arrival.  Choose between major rent a car brands including Avis, Hertz, Budget and Europcar as well as smaller local car rental operators. Take time to brush up on the rules of the road before you get behind the wheel.

Bergamo City by Car Hire

The city has a long and melodious music culture, enriched by Venetian influence when the town was under their control.  In particular, visit the church of Santa Maria Maggiore, where the tradition of singing and teaching stretches back more than eight hundred years.  Over time, Bergamo has been home to some of the most progressive composers of their time.  There is also a style of folk dance known for its buffoonery named “Bergomask dance”. 

Car Rental In Bergamo Airport: Piedmont, Tuscany

Piedmont is a hilly area surrounding Turin which can be called “Tuscany, but without the tourists.”  Every season there are festivals to celebrate the turning, from food to carnivals to medieval tournaments, and some related to religion, such as the Procession of the Seven Marys in April.  There is ample sporting to be had in the hills and mountains surrounding the town; skiing, biking and hiking, as well as cycling trails.                             

Nearby Turin is another city off the beaten track.  It’s most famous attraction is the Christian Holy Shroud, cloth said to have covered Jesus Christ after his crucifixion, housed at the Cattedrale di San Giovanni.  The charming city is set on the banks of the Po’ River.  Take your Bergamo Airport rental car through the region at your leisure, sampling wineries and stumbling across hidden gems.  The Piedmont region is known for its Barolo wine.

Milan by Car Hire from Bergamo Airport

Milan is possibly the fashion capital of the world, with the Milanese having a natural style unsurpassed in most cities.  Apart from that there are stunning architectural wonders, most notably the Duomo, one of the largest Gothic Cathedrals in the world; from the top you can see all over Milan and on a clear day over the Alps.  Most of the famous fashion brands – including Versace, Prada and Fendi – have their signature boutiques in the Quadrilateral, around Via Monte Napoleone. 

Milan also boasts fantastic north Italian food and some of the finest nightlife in the country.  Whether you choose to stay in the city or cruise the countryside in your Bergamo Airport car hire, and no matter how far you find yourself being taken, you can rest assured that most quality, cheap Bergamo Airport car hire agents will allow you to return your car hire at Bergamo Airport, Italy to another major city location, leaving you free to roam to your heart’s content.

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