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The Alamo

Car Rental at San Antonio Airport

San Antonio is one of Texas’ top tourist destinations and it is served by the San Antonio Airport. The airport is located north of downtown and most of the city’s attractions are within 20-minute drive by car rental at San Antonio Airport. While not a major hub in the state of Texas like the Dallas-Fort Worth airport, San Antonio Airport offers regular flights to all major cities in the United States and to nearby cities of Dallas and Houston.

The Alamo

No other Texan icon is as closely associated with San Antonio as its most famous landmark, The Alamo. As the site of the battle of the same name, The Alamo is widely considered as the Shrine of Texas Liberty and the first place you are likely to visit in your rental car from San Antonio Airport as it is located midway between the airport and downtown.

The Riverwalk

Once in the city, you can drive your San Antonio Airport car rental around King William Historic Area, a 25-block area south of downtown and east of the San Antonio River. As Texas’ first historic district, the area is unique in that visitors can still see mansions that were built by its prosperous German settlers. From here, the Riverwalk, a pleasant pedestrian street lined with shops, bars and restaurants, is a short drive by car hire from San Antonio Airport, and offers an opportunity to explore this part of the city by leisure boat.

Six Flags Fiesta Texas

You will find your car rental in San Antonio Airport most useful when exploring the 200-acre theme park right in the heart of San Antonio. Six Flags Fiesta Texas has a selection of rides for all age groups and a cluster of theaters for various events and cultural performances.

Texas Triangle

The ultimate Texan road trip that covers the cities of Houston, Dallas, Fort Worth and Austin start about three hours to the north by rental car from San Antonio Airport. You may even opt to make your first stop at the heart of Hill Country in Austin so you can make a day trip to Fredericksburg Wine Country.

Each of the cities of the Texas Triangle make up its points, with Houston to the east, Dallas-Fort Worth (DFW) Metroplex to the north, and Austin to the west. Houston is the largest city in Texas, and given its overwhelming urban sprawl, the best way to explore it is by car hire at San Antonio Airport. On top of Texas Triangle’s numerous tourist offerings, foremost of which is shopping in DFW’s oversized malls, the NASA Space Center in Houston is not to be missed.

Alternatively, the Gulf coast city of Corpus Christi, fancifully named as the Texas Riviera, is only two hours south by rental cars from San Antonio Airport.

Car rental search

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