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If you’re exploring western Germany and would like to see sights further afield with day trips or a longer road trip, secure a low rate on car hire at Frankfurt Aiport and drive off with savings!

With a full range of vehicles from compact to economy to large family movers, you’ll find the perfect car for your Germany holiday.

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The Frankfurt airport is the busiest in Germany and the third largest in Europe.

Frankfurt am Main (Frankfurt on the Main) is Germany’s banking capital, as well as its hub for everything commerce, trade, logistics and finance.

It is known for some of the largest trade fairs in the world (Frankfurt Auto Show, Frankfurt Book Fair) and exudes an air of capitalism that runs in stark contrast to the socialist ideals of old Germany.

Despite these corporate-sounding endeavours, Frankfurt retains an Old World charm if you know where to look.

Places to see in Frankfurt

The city centre where Romer Platz and a heavy concentration of museums is located is easily a tourist’s favourite, but you can escape the crowds and drive your hire car off the beaten path to neighbourhoods such as Norden, Bornheim and Bockenheim.

In-city driving in their 19th century streets may pose a challenge, as parking space is limited and often in favour of locals.

One alternative is to pay for hourly parking at Parkhaus, and then explore these neighbourhoods on foot.

Sachsenhausen is notable for its museums, while its sub-neighbourhood Alt-Sachsenhausen for its historic pubs.

There are more than a dozen museums in this district dedicated to a range of interests like architecture, communications, film, minting, even Jewish heritage, that you may want to consider getting a Museumsufer Ticket to make the most of the entrance fee.

When you want to take a quick break, head to the neighbourhood pubs that serve the local cider “ebbelwoi” and “apfelwein.”

As a transport hub, Frankfurt can get frenetic. To escape the hustle, drive to Stadtwald in southern Frankfurt for fresh air and green scenery, or follow the course of the river Main which offers a surprisingly quiet retreat despite its central location in the city.

You may want to see more of Germany’s medieval past, and a rental car would certainly get you there faster.

Budingen, 45 minutes northeast, is a town with a well-preserved medieval stronghold and timber-framed houses.

Heidelberg, an hour directly south, is a contrast to all-business Frankfurt, with its historical castle and Baroque style Old Town.

Even further south is Munich, which is a must see if you’re planned road trip is to explore the beautiful southern Germany.

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